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Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Canada 3.0?

We've been asked why we called this forum 'Canada 3.0', particularly when most of the country is still in 1.0 and trying to figure out what all the hooplah is about this thing they call 2.0. To put it simply: to spark discussion about Canada’s digital media future.

Canada is currently a world leader in digital media. Canadian talent is pursued by some of the world’s largest technology and entertainment companies. Home-grown firms like RIM, Open Text, and Christie Digital (to name just a few) prove that we – as a nation – are digital media artists, innovators and entrepreneurs. As digital content and capability become globally ubiquitous, the opportunity for market penetration of existing and novel products, services, art and processes is massive. (Global, to be exact.) And Canada is in an excellent position to capitalize on the potential of 3.0. If we’re ready.

The Canada 3.0 Forum is designed to bring together everyone – corporations, government, researchers and associations - with a vested interest in Canada’s “world domination” of digital media to begin imagining Canada 3.0 and planning how we will get there. So, can Canada say that we’re ready for 3.0? Not yet, but few competitors are and the opportunity to grasp mindshare and marketshare begins now, before 3.0.

The Canada 3.0 Forum is for you if you believe that Canada can be the global leader in digital media and you’re interested in answering these questions:

  • We have wonderful pockets of activity across this grand country of ours, but how do we communicate that Canada is a leader in digital media?
  • We have incredible technological and business success in digital media, but do we have the infrastructure to support growth?
  • We have the systems in place to help build momentum, but are they the right systems to foster the growth of “natural resources” (inventors and entrepreneurs)?
  • We have talent, but to leverage our strength in digital media in 3.0 do we have enough? How do we develop more? How do we keep talent here in Canada?

Got an opinion on this? Want to be part of the discussion?

Be at Canada

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